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"No significant learning occurs without a significant relationship." James Comer

Become an Ally and:

  • Learn the causes of poverty

  • Build intentional relationships

  • Provide support

  • Decrease isolation

  • Expand your social capital

  • Be a part of the solution

  • Help to change lives

Potential allies must attend two training sessions with a Thrive! Butler staff member, so they approach poverty with a healthy perspective and can walk toward a brighter future with our Team Leaders. Allies then commit to invest 18 months, meeting twice per month, connecting with a family as they continue their journey out of poverty. 

From our Allies:

"Filled my heart with Joy."

“As an Ally, “I can say that my experience with our meeting this week filled my heart with Joy. I looked forward to seeing the team leaders and I am witnessing progress in the meeting of their set goals. This has been a rewarding experience for me and has educated me and also increased my empathy towards people struggling with poverty.””

" I have enjoyed watching the growth of the Team Leaders.  It makes me feel like my time spent at Thrive! Butler has been worthwhile."


"I have learned so much about how difficult it is to get out of poverty.  Being an Ally has given me a new perspective and a positive understanding of social and economic structures." 



  • By being apart of our Allies group and helping to mentor a family with sound advice and guidance.  Listening to understand!
  • By becoming a Getting Ahead instructor.  
  • By providing a donation to THRIVE! Butler that helps us to accomplish our Mission.
  • By letting us know if your organization has grants that help an initiative like ours.
  • By providing weekly meals or child care for our Getting Ahead cohorts. 

Thank you!