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“Poverty is the extent to which an individual goes without resources”

Excerpted from Payne, R. K. (2013) A Framework for Understanding Poverty

Getting Started

In the Fall of 2015, two groups of people, some in Andover and some in El Dorado, independently were considering how those in poverty could have a better future story.  

Coming Together

By that winter, the groups joined forces. They invited educators, community action persons, police and fire personnel, and others to the table to discuss poverty in Butler County.

The Vision

By the Fall of 2016 a vision began to emerge and a plan was formed to take advantage of the work of Ruby Payne and Phil DeVol in poverty reduction: The Aha! Process.

Beginning the Journey

In 2017, THRIVE! Butler was created and the work began

El Dorado graduated its first class of participants in February of 2018, and its second class in May of 2019.  All of those graduates (who we now call Team Leaders), are engaged with their Ally's (volunteers from the community) twice a month for 18-months as they work to achieve their stated goals, increase their social capital and learn skills as their journey guide them to a better future story.  Andover graduated its first class in January of 2019, and they too are working with their Ally's, and the second class started in January of 2020.

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Next Steps

We are always accepting new applications for our next class in Andover, El Dorado or Leon.  With the success of the El Dorado and Andover sites, and soon in Leon, we are also looking to develop other locations in Butler Country to expand our reach and to serve greater numbers of people and families in poverty.  Contact us to discuss Thrive! Butler in your community, or to put on a poverty simulation to raise the awareness of your community on what it is like to live in poverty.  Go to the Contact Us page and let us know if your community would like to host a Thrive! Butler class. 

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