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Are we Getting Ahead
with Getting Ahead? 

The commencement of these classes has already fostered stronger partnerships and participation from community members and organizations. Across Butler County, we have several groups that have committed to donate meals, or to volunteer for other parts of the program to make it successful.


Similar models to Getting Ahead have found that 70% of participants reported an increase in:

  • Social capital

  • Commitment to volunteering in community

  • Access to reliable transportation


Meanwhile, an average of 35% of participants reported:

  • Paying off credit

  • Opening savings account

  • Enrolling in new education

  • Finding new employment


Thrive Butler.png
Our Andover class in session

Comments made by Participants

  • “Thrive! Butler has helped me to budget better, manage my time, utilize resources better, and it has enabled to find a better job.”

  • “Thrive! Butler has allowed me to reduce my stress levels and provide a better home for my kids.”

  • “It’s just been a tremendous turn around and a good way to dig yourself out of a hole”

  • “What I learned from my Thrive! Butler experience has been impactful, and I now apply to my everyday life.”

  • “I wanted to show my kids that I had made mistakes and that I owned that, and it is never too late to improve yourself.”

  • “Thrive! Butler provides a great sense of community and making new relationships.”

  • “You learn about how you got into the situation you are in, and that there are others in the same situation, who also want to find a path out of poverty.”

  • “I have more friends now, and Thrive! Butler has help me to get on track and find out what I want to do with my life.”

  • “Thrive! Butler was a chance for me to make a better future for my kids.”

  • “I found out that I was qualified to do a lot more than I would let myself believe.”

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