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THRIVE! Butler 2022

Thrive! Butler works with individuals and families who are stuck in survival mode and struggling to create a sustainable future for themselves. We believe any individual can get ahead, and we are committed to providing education and social capital, and to walking with them through the Aha! Process developed by Ruby Payne, via a program called Getting Ahead. 

We are getting started again after a long layoff due to Covid-19.  If you would like to participate in one of our next classes in either El Dorado or Andover, just fill out the application and send it to us.  Otherwise, just call and we will fill it in together.  We are here to help you start your journey out of poverty


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THRIVE! Butler is a relationship-based poverty resolution coalition currently with groups in Andover and El Dorado in Butler County, Kansas. Thrive! Butler looks to expand its reach through-out all of Butler County early in 2019 and
beyond. With over 18,500 people currently living below the poverty guidelines established by the U.S Government, we are committed to ending poverty, one family at a time.




Are you interested in helping us figure out what poverty looks like in Butler County AND are you willing to help find  solutions?

The program starts with a free 16 week course where WE listen to YOU about what poverty is like. You also learn what living in middle class is like, and start thinking about goals you have for you and your family on how to get out of poverty once and for all.

Following the 16-week course is an additional 18 months where you meet with folks who are there to support and help you meet your goals. The "Ally's" care about you and your success. We also provide opportunities for you to learn about things that are important to you. This program is a commitment and it takes time, but it has the potential to CHANGE YOUR LIFE.


Reduce poverty by building skills and relationships that strengthen families and individuals.


Alleviate generational poverty in Butler County. 


THRIVE! Butler is a relationship based poverty initiative that provides a safe place for those in poverty to develop nonjudgmental relationships and build life skills. THRIVE! Butler expands opportunities and support for families as they construct their own paths to stability, creating deep and lasting change in our county.

You Can Help

THRIVE! Butler is an independent non-profit organization. Like most non-profits, we operate on a combination of donations (both financial and in-kind) and grant funding. THRIVE! Butler has a lean budget. We have one Executive Director who is salaried, and paid staff for each class we conduct.  We need donations to keep this work going.

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     Join Us

To join one of our Getting Ahead classes, fill out the application below and send it to us.  This will change your life!

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Awarded the
El Dorado Chamber Non-Profit of the Year for 2019
How does
POVERTY impact our community?


The impact on the community and our county can’t always be seen, but it is felt. Poverty impacts our schools, our utilities systems, our health care systems, and our emergency first responders. Throughout Butler County (population 66,878):

  • 18,592 (27.8%) people live on less than $35,000 per year

  • 5,462 households live on less than $14,999 per year

  • Of all children enrolled in El Dorado Public Schools, 59% qualify for free and reduced lunch counts, with some elementary schools reporting numbers in excess of 75% (KSDE)

  • Children enrolled in the Bluestem school district have 56% of their students qualify for free or reduced lunch.

  • Other school systems report between 26% to 42% qualification rates.

  • 911 is often the primary health care giver to those in poverty, making it more difficult for first responders to manage their resources.